The focus of our selections is on wines that Italians like to drink in Italy. Not just experienced at a classic trattoria, but also while partying on a dock in Venezia, or at an outdoor concert in Perugia, or at a Korean restaurant in Milan. It's through everyday Italian life that we encounter these delicious wines.

We believe in substance over spectacle.​


To guarantee the integrity of our producer partners to our customers, we personally visit their vineyards and cellars during moments when vineyard labor is in action and wine is being made to inspect production and labor practices at least once a year. Transparency is at the heart of our mission and we're out here in the field and we are working to build a better, more inclusive and more informed direct trade importation system.


We are currently importing and distributing directly in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and in Washington DC.

Most of our selections are available in Colorado with Benny & Zoid Selections, in Florida with Arash Selections and in California with New Moon Selections.


For more information on partnering with us in your state, please send us an email at

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