Import selections of natural wines from Italy and its borders to the USA. 

Our mission is to seek out gastronomic and terroir-driven wines from small independent producers whose objectives go beyond just selling their product. 

We select wines that we love to drink and that we want to share at the table; drinkable wines with depth and minerality, and a sense of place and personality evocative of the vineyards they came from and the people that made them. 

Our focus is on wines that Italians drink in Italy. Not just experienced at a classic trattoria, but also while partying on a dock in Venezia, or at an outdoor concert in Perugia, or at a Korean restaurant in Milan. We don't have to go to wine fairs in search of the coolest looking large scale production bottle labels; we encounter these honest and delicious wines through every day Italian life. 

We feature several selections from other European countries that are commonly found in Italy, as well as a small but curated selection of Italian ciders, beer, amari and other distilled spirits.

Italy's diverse terrain, history, and viticultural traditions makes it one of the most fascinating wine regions in the world. We knew it would take a lifetime just to break the surface, and so that's what we set out to do.

Although we don't have much information listed here, we value transparency above all. We work only with producers that we visit and spend time with so we can get to know their process and better understand the value of their work, and we are looking forward to sharing that info and our experiences with you. 

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We are currently importing and distributing directly in New York, Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.


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